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Title: London Gatwick Airport: A Comprehensive Guide for Travellers


London Gatwick Airport (LGW) is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, serving as a major hub for both domestic and international flights. As a traveller, it is essential to understand the airport's location, terminal services, parking facilities, and other amenities to ensure a hassle-free experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about London Gatwick Airport. We have also partnered with i Airport Parking, a leading airport parking comparison website, to help you find the best parking deals at Gatwick. Visit for more information.


London Gatwick Airport is located approximately 29.5 miles (47.5 km) south of Central London, in the West Sussex area. The airport is easily accessible via various transportation options such as trains, buses, taxis, and private cars. The airport's official website provides detailed information on how to get to and from Gatwick: 


Terminal Services

London Gatwick Airport has two main terminals: North Terminal and South Terminal. Both terminals are equipped with a wide range of services and facilities to cater to the diverse needs of travellers. Here's an overview of what you can expect at each terminal:

  1. Check-in and Baggage Services: Both terminals offer a smooth check-in process, with numerous self-service kiosks and staffed check-in counters. Baggage services, including baggage wrapping and storage, are also available at both terminals.
  2. Security and Customs: Security checkpoints are available at both terminals, ensuring passenger safety and adherence to international regulations. Customs and immigration services are also provided for international travellers.
  3. Retail and Dining: Gatwick Airport boasts an impressive selection of shops, restaurants, and cafes in both terminals. Passengers can indulge in duty-free shopping, grab a quick bite, or enjoy a sit-down meal before their flight.
  4. Lounges: Several lounges are available at both terminals, offering comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and more. Access is available through various means, such as membership, day passes, or premium ticket purchases.
  5. Accessibility: Gatwick Airport is committed to providing an accessible environment for all travellers. Facilities such as wheelchair assistance, designated parking spaces, and accessible restrooms are available throughout the airport.

For detailed information on terminal services, visit the official Gatwick Airport website: 


Parking Facilities

Finding the right parking option at Gatwick Airport is easy, thanks to the variety of parking services available. Here are some of the parking options you can choose from:

  1. Short Stay Parking: Ideal for picking up or dropping off passengers, short stay parking is available at both terminals. The car parks are located close to the terminal buildings for easy access.
  2. Long Stay Parking: If you're going on a longer trip, long stay parking is a cost-effective option. Shuttle buses operate 24/7, connecting the car parks to the terminals.
  3. Premium Parking: For travellers looking for added convenience, premium parking offers wider spaces, closer proximity to the terminals, and a fast-track security pass.
  4. Valet Parking: For the ultimate in convenience, opt for valet parking. Simply drop off your car at the designated area, and a professional valet will park your vehicle for you.

To find the best parking deals at Gatwick Airport, visit i Airport Parking, an airport parking comparison website:

Other Facilities and Services

In addition to the above, London Gatwick Airport offers several other facilities and services to ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. These include:

  1. Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout both terminals, allowing passengers to stay connected while waiting for their flights.
  2. Currency Exchange and ATMs: Currency exchange services and ATMs are available in both terminals, ensuring that travellers have access to the funds they need.
  3. Business Services: The airport offers business services such as meeting rooms, printing, and photocopying facilities, catering to the needs of business travellers.
  4. Family Facilities: Gatwick Airport is family-friendly, providing baby changing facilities, play areas, and special assistance for passengers travelling with children.
  5. Prayer Rooms: Prayer rooms, accommodating various faiths, are available in both terminals for passengers seeking a quiet space for reflection or worship.
  6. Lost and Found: In case you lose an item while at the airport, a lost and found service is available to help reunite you with your belongings.
  7. Medical Services: First aid facilities and trained medical staff are on hand to address any health-related concerns during your time at the airport.
  8. Luggage Services: For added convenience, Gatwick Airport offers luggage trolleys, porter services, and a luggage delivery service, ensuring that your baggage is taken care of.
  9. Car Rental: Several car rental agencies are available at the airport, providing travellers with the option to rent a vehicle for their onward journey.
  10. Hotels: There are several hotels located close to the airport, catering to passengers who require accommodation before or after their flights.

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London Gatwick Airport is a bustling hub offering an extensive range of facilities and services to cater to travellers' diverse needs. From convenient parking options to terminal services and amenities, Gatwick Airport ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience for all passengers. Make sure to visit i Airport Parking ( for the best parking deals at Gatwick, and refer to the official airport website (Home | Gatwick Airport ) for the most up-to-date information.

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